August Wells: Aspiring Writer. Inspirational Drinker. Entertainment Insider. Lover of Making People Think Twice.
Hope-catcher. Believer in the 2 Truths Philosophy ("coffee is good for you, coffee is bad for you"). Wisher of Change for those who unwaveringly form an opinion based on what they hear on TV or read in the media. Donator of Unfaithful Words & Images for your enjoyment ("unfaithful" due to my juxtaposed thought & oxymoronic content). ~
I love people who think for themselves & innovate original opinions (at least to the best of their knowledge "original" because there really is no such thing).
I love inciting the masses to view things from another less-traveled perspective.
I love beautiful, inspiring or artistic imagery. ~
I research, I intuit, I love . . . and sometimes I actually write pieces worth reading.

How crazy cute is this giant whale?   Please take the money you’d spend at SeaWorld & go whale watching out in the ocean instead.  It’s more of a memorable adventure for the whole family, less expensive, & available in many cities.  

And, it’s the right thing to do :)